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Know what your conveyance fees should be for buying and selling a house in Brisbane by comparing our competitive low cost conveyancing.


Do I need a Conveyancing Solicitor to buy a house?

When buying or selling property you will need to satisfy the legal process for the transfer of ownership. As this involves the execution of a house and land contract and crucial conveyancing steps we recommend to leave it in the hands of a trusted conveyancing solicitor.

If you have recently signed a contract or are looking to buy or sell soon consider that should you make an error with your conveyancing you may cause a delayed settlement whereby you will be required to pay default interest or enable the party on the other side to terminate the contract at your expense and sue you for breach of contract.

How much should Conveyancing cost?

In Queensland some property solicitors will offer a price based on an hourly charge which can accumulate quickly if any complications arise during the course of the contract which is generally 30 days for a standard house and land.

At Horrocks Solicitors there are no hidden costs in our fixed fees and we have over 30 years experience with more than 70,000 settlements completed by John Horrocks.

Our fees are $950 for buying & $590 for selling

these include GST

There are also search costs when buying a property.

conveyancing fees brisbane

What are the extra Conveyancing search costs or disbursements?

During the conveyancing process there are various disbursements that can be incurred on your behalf by your Conveyancing Solicitor including a fee for the lodging of documents with the relevant authorities, the option of important searches to know if there are planning restrictions, zone regulations, unapproved constructions or any vested interest by the government authorities. These are important to be aware of as they may affect the value of the property.

What are Conveyancing standard search costs?

For residential home or land purchases, we carry out the following property searches required to reasonably secure your purchase.

Standard Search Package:

  1. Title Search upon receipt of the contract

  2. Council Rates Search which reveals information about the state of the rate account.

  3. Main Roads Search

  4. Land Tax Clearance Search

  5. Registered Plan of Land Search

  6. Title Search on the day of settlement.

Additional and optional searches can include the Body Corporate Information Certificate, Certificate of Currency, Contaminated Land, Railways and Bankruptcy.

Are conveyancing fees paid upfront?

We will collect a cheque for our fees at settlement. There is no upfront payment for our conveyancing services.

Why do you need a lawyer for conveyancing?

Conveyancing solicitors are able to deal with any complex legal problems that can come up during your conveyance and you can have the peace of mind that your property transfer will be handled with care and in the best interests of your legal rights. Furthermore Horrocks Solicitors can offer you expert legal advice beyond conveyancing in the circumstances of a separation or divorce.

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