What is Property Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is a tax on property transactions by the Queensland Government and is also called Transfer Duty or General Duty. The rate of stamp duty is calculated according to the type and value of the transaction involved.

How much Stamp Duty do I have to pay?

The amount of Stamp Duty that you need to pay can be calculated on the online calculator provided by the Office of State Revenue (Queensland Government) and depends upon the amount of money being paid for the property and whether the property is to be used as a principal place of residence by the buyer or as an investment property. Your transaction may be eligible for Concessions and Exemptions and you could have less or no duty to pay.


What kind of property transactions is Stamp Duty paid on?

Dutiable transactions include:

  • signing a contract to buy or sell a home

  • giving a half-share of a property you own to your spouse as a gift

  • giving someone access across your property (an easement)

  • creating a trust over land that you previously owned in your own right for your children or family members.

Stamp duty is calculated whenever you sell, buy or transfer property including land or rights to land in Queensland for residential purposes including:

  • established homes and apartments

  • vacant land upon which a home or apartment will be built

  • land for development for residential use, such as:

    • smaller unit block developments

    • housing subdivisions

    • major developments with a residential component

  • buildings refurbished, renovated or extended for residential use.

Calculate your Stamp Duty here.