Horrocks Solicitors has a specialised team of conveyancing professionals that Queensland property sellers turn to time and time again for advice through the sale of their property.

After the contract is signed there is always that sigh of relief that finally! all things are going well! you have successfully sold your house, land or unit. With the paperwork now locked in, it’s time to put the transaction into the hands of an experienced team of conveyancing lawyers who will see to the legal steps of your sale with minimal expense and fuss. Click here to get a quote for selling from one of the most trusted and well known conveyancing lawyers that Brisbane has!




Since 1996 John Horrocks has overseen 75,000 + conveyancing matters in Queensland.

With a free review of all standard contracts and the addition of any special conditions before your contract is signed we ensure your conveyance is stress-free from the start.

Let our affordable legal team take care of your purchase and sale contracts for residential or commercial properties.



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